Hunt Club Terrace Partners

Meet the Partners

Hunt Club Terrace is the product of a strategic partnership by professional leaders within the industry. Wilkinson Developments brings over 40 years of extensive Construction & Development experience. This, partnered with Platinum Investment Real Estate Groups 20 years of experience in Real Estate Investment and Project Development, makes for a powerful partnership. With a shared vision of quality and project integrity this partnership is a true pairing of likeminded and successful professionals which will ensure the success of the Hunt Club Terrace.

Wilkinson Deevelopments Limited
Wilkinson Developments Limited provides quality residences within unique buildings, located in desirable areas of the City of Toronto. The company has been managing and constructing a variety of projects in various areas of Canada since 1975. Wilkinson leverages this wealth of construction knowledge and background, combined with its “hands-on” management, to deliver condominium projects of uncompromised quality.

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Platinum Investment Real Estate Group
Platinum Investment Real Estate Group is an experienced & multi-faceted real estate investment firm who specializes in sourcing and acquiring viable real estate projects. Awarded in the industry for their ability to create strategic joint venture partnerships, Platinum plays an integral role in each stage of the project from analysis & acquisition, equity partnership & debt structuring , strategy & implementation all the way through to project completion and exit.

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Project Contributors

Raw Design
JH Rust Architect
The Vital Group